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Blackwater Chicken Pasta Salad (cold)

3 stocks celery chopped

3-4 cups of cooked small shell pasta (about 1⁄2 of a 16 oz. Box)

4 green onions chopped plus some of the green tops

4-5 red radishes sliced thin, more if they are small

1 small zucchini or cucumber sliced thin then halved or quartered

1 cup frozen small early June peas

1-2 medium carrots shredded in box shredder

3 cups rotisserie chicken cut into large chunks, both white and dark meat


3⁄4 cup real mayonaise

4 T red win vinegar

2 tsp sugar

3/8 tsp dry dill

2 heaping T Blackwater Mustard

* mix together, add to salad. Salt and pepper to taste. Top with honey roasted slivered almonds. If the salad seems dry, you can always make more dressing by using 1⁄2 of the amounts.