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About Us

Blackwater Mustard Co makes a variety of mustards in small batches by hand.  Located in a rural New England setting close to the banks of the Blackwater River, our products are made with quality ingredients with NO emulsifiers or preservatives. That is as important to us is it is to you!  Now you have a chance to discover or to keep enjoying this local legend by ordering all eight flavors on line and finding out which events we will be attending next.  All of our varieties are gluten free except for the Chocolate Stout,  The EVERY DAY CAFE, Beechwood and the Tuckerman Varieties.

We are a proud member of NH Made, and we sell our products at a variety of select locations throughout the state. Look for us at the Deerfield and Sandwich Fairs, and consult our events page for the upcoming Farmer's markets we will be attending. If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me at or call 603-746-2349.

Thank you! - Steve and Jill